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Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 10:20AM

To allow the residents of Keenes Pointe looking to sell and those looking to Purchase within Keenes Pointe from around the USA and Globally we have added updated market information at Keenes Pointe in Windermere Florida 34786 to this site.We have created a search which populates itself every 30 seconds.

To make searching for Property in Keenes Pointe even easier we have Broken it down into specific categories to ensure you find what you want when you want. If your looking to Sell your home in Keenes Pointe its features like this which ensure your Property gets exposed to a Global Audience and does not sit on the market as many have down for such a long time as of writing this article today. In addtion to this site we syndicate our listings to over 500 sites around the Globe and further more through our own office network of World class ssites through the entire State of Florida

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Keene's Pointe is one of the nicest communities in all of Orlando. Although it is a golfing community it is also much more than that. It is a community of wonderful people and beautiful homes. When you tell people in Windermere or Orlando that you live in Keene's Pointe they know you live in a great area.

Keenes Pointe is a larger than average community. It has two primary entrances. One is on Winter Garden Vineland Rd. The other is on Chase Road. Both entrances are gated entrances and there are roving security patrols. Both entrances provide a short cut around traffic for residents who would rather cut some time off of their commute.

The Winter Garden Vineland Road entrance is the closest to shopping and the conveniences we have all grown accustomed to. The Lakeside Shopping Village is less than 1 mile from the entrance. There is a Publix Supermarket, immediate care clinic, salon, restaurants, a gas  station and much more there. The area is modernizing quite rapidly and new shops and service providers are arriving often.

The Chase Road entrance is closer to Windermere Town and Lake Butler. Or if you wish you can be at Universal Orlando Resort, Volcano Bay, The Mall At Millenia or The Florida Outlet Mall in approximately 20 minutes depending on time of day. There is a lot to do within 20 minutes of Keene's Pointe. Outside of the Chase Road entrance is RD Keene Park. This is a great park where many sports are played by the local youth and the young at heart. There is a fantastic playground there and a boat launch that can get you onto the Butler Chain of lakes.

A little known secret amongst Keene's Pointe residents is there are 2 boat launches inside of Keene's Pointe. One will let you get to Lake Burden, the other will allow you onto Lake Tibet. The boat launch for Lake Burden also has a children's playground and some other attractions. It is located at where Tibet Butler Drive reaches a roundabout. The boat ramp and park are just North of the roundabout. The Lake Tibet Launch is actually on a small body of water similar to Little lake Down. It is just West of Grosvenor Pointe Circle. There is a small channel which allows you to reach Lake Tibet. Keene's Pointe has approximately 85 lakefront homes on Lake Tibet and approximately 50 on Lake Burden.

The Butler Chain of Lakes is a chain of 11-13 lakes depending on who you ask. The lakes are interconnected by channels and you can have a lot of fun on them. There is plenty of room for any watersport or to fish till your heart's content. If you do not have a boat you can have one delivered and launched for you. Just take it from the park. I have done it myself and really enjoyed it. Lake Tibet is a member of the Butler chain. If you live on the Lake in Keene's Pointe you can access all of the lakes from your dock. I think you will likely find Lake Tibet big enough. It has 1,070 acres of surface area and that is plenty for watersports or enjoying the sunrise every morning over the lake. 

When looking at homes for sale in Keene’s Pointe or for that matter anywhere many of us want information on homes around us. After all, often the home which we live in is our single greatest investment and who doesn’t want assurance it is a good one. The following will be an in-depth description of the homes in Keene’s Pointe. I will start at the Southern entrance to the community on Winter Garden Vineland Road and work through the entire community. All information is based on the Multiple Listing Service used by Realtors. The homes grouped together will be because of similarity not convenience for the author.

Preserve View Dr, Gunston Hall Ct and Eagles Loop Cir

The homes on these three streets vary in size from 2,800 square feet to 4,776 square feet of Living space. The homes were built between 2002 and 2006 with few exceptions. There are 3 ponds in this part of Keene’s Pointe but only the main two have fountains. When you get to Eagles Loop Cir. You will find the 5 most expensive homes to have sold. 2 of which have sold for over $1,000,000.

As you drive North from the Southern entrance on Tibet Butler Dr on your left is Bowden Way. This leads to a circular road named Claymont Cir and Kemper Ln. There are approximately 89 homes in this section and a community park on the Western end of Bowden Way. It is a small park but a nice one. Most of these homes have smaller yards but there are some with irregular shaped lots that are a little larger. On the Northern side of Claymont Cir and on Kemper Ln there are 9 waterfront homes on a pond. The homes in this section vary in size from 2,046 square feet to 4,247 square feet of living space and were built between 1999-2005. As of the date I am writing this none of these homes have sold for over $925,000 and that was in 2006.

Bowden Way and Woburn Ct

As you drive North from the Southern entrance on Tibet Butler Dr on your Right is Bowden Way. This will also lead you to Woburn Ct. There are 69 homes back in this section and of those there are 10 waterfront homes on the Northern end that are on a pond. There is no park in this section. The homes here vary in size from 2,033 square feet to 3,924 square feet of living space. As you can see there is a difference in where you buy your home in Keene’s Pointe. These homes were built between 1999 and 2004. The most expensive home to have sold in this section was sold in 2016 for $799,999.

Tibet Butler Dr and Fenimore Ct

If you enter Keene’s Pointe from its’ Southern Entrance and stay on Tibet Butler Dr until you reach a round-about you pass Fenimore Ct on your right. There are 51 homes in this part of the subdivision. Of those homes there are 10 waterfront homes on a pond and 7 homes on the Golden Bear Club course beside the 6th hole. These homes do see some traffic. The homes here vary in size from 2,075 square feet to 4,500 square feet of living space. They were built between 1998 and 2003. The most expensive home to have sold in this part was $915,000 and it was sold in 2006. The most expensive home to have sold here in the last 12 months has been $670,000. There are a few here that should sell for more.

Lake Burden Cr and Preslar Ct.

At the round-about on the Northwest side is Lake Burden Cir which loops around and connects to Preslar Ct. On the North side of the round-about is a boat ramp and a children’s play area. The boat ramp goes to Lake Burden. Lake Burden is a beautiful lake but not a member of the Butler Chain of Lakes.

In this section there are 40 homes. Of those homes there are 20 homes and home sites that could be called lakefront. The homes here vary in size quite a bit. The smallest home is 2,497 square feet and the largest home is approximately 9,844 square feet of living space. The homes were built between 2000-2009. The most expensive home to have sold in this section was for $3,150,000. Three homes have listed and failed to sell for more than that. On was listed for near $5,000,000.

Tibet Butler Rd, South Hampshire Ct and Macaw Ct

On the Northern side of the round-about Tibet Butler Rd continues. If you follow it you will pass South Hampshire Ct on your right and then Macaw Ct on your left. Many of these homes are either on the course or lake Burden so let’s look at these. On Lake Tibet Butler Rd there are Lakefront homes and homes that back up to the 8th hole of the Golden Bear Course. The homes on South Hampshire Ct either back up to the 8th home or the 6th hole. Macaw Ct has the 4th and 5th hole of the course. The homes in this part of Keene’s Pointe range in size from 3,000 square feet to 7,410 square feet of living space. The homes were built between 1999-2008 with a couple of exceptions. The most expensive home to have sold here was sold for $2,600,000. That home overlooks the pond on the 5th hole and lake Burden.

Tibet Butler Rd, Foxfield Ct, Camden Park Dr and Lake Burden View Dr.

Next is a large section. There are multiple roads but most of the homes are similar. Tibet Butler Dr has 27 homes on it in this section. 20 of the homes on the West side back up to the 3rd hole. The homes on the East side back up to a pond and the driving range. The homes on the East side of Foxfield Ct back up to the 1st hole. This is where the players are happiest. The homes on the North side of Camden Park Dr overlook the second hole and a beautiful pond.

A large section of this is Lake Burden View Dr. There are 76 homes on this street if you include the few homes on Cranebrook Ct and Buckley Wood Ct. Of these homes 14 are on a canal that leads to Lake Burden. 20 homes are waterfront on ponds and many are water view. The 14 homes on the Eastern side of Lake Burden View Dr overlook the 3rd hole.

The homes on Tibet Butler Rd, Foxfield Ct, Camden Park Dr. and Lake Burden View Drvary in size from 2,468 to 7,728 square feet of living space. Most of them were built between 1999-2009. The most expensive home to date has been $2,400,000.

Camden Park Dr., Camden Loop Way, S Camden Commons Dr. and North Camden Commons Dr.,

Now we are in the Northwestern corner of Keene’s Pointe. There are several roads but this section needs to be combined due to similarities. North Camden Commons Dr. is a loop that goes around a park and children’s playground. Other than that, and some homes that are water view but the homes are all very similar. They range in size from 2,635 square feet to 4,221 square feet of living area. They were built between 2004-2006 with a few exceptions which is why I grouped them. If you noticed there is a gradual change as we worked Northward from the Southern entrance. The most expensive homes in this part to have sold was $850,000.

Caymus Loop and Blakeford Dr

These roads run North and South and their Northern most ends reach RD Keene Park. The homes and settings on both roads are similar. Blakeford Dr has a nice pond or water hazard wrapped around its’ North end. A hazard for golfers but it makes your home a waterfront home. There are 29 homes on Blakeford Dr and 9 are Waterfront. The homes sit between the 11th,12th and 13th holes of the course.

Caymus Loop sits between holes 13 and 14. There are no ponds but there are approximately 61 homes. Of those homes 11 ore on the inside of the loop with very little view of the course. All but 6 homes on the outside of the loop have fairly good views of the course.

The homes on these two similar streets vary in size from 2332 square feet to 4652 square feet of living space. They were built between 1999 and 2005. Of these homes the highest priced home to sell in the last 5 years was for $789,000. It was a beautiful golf course frontage/view home.

Blakeford Dr, Southern portion near the club.

This is one of the nicer roads that are not lakefront, in my opinion. There are 61 homes in this section and 25 are waterfront meaning on a pond. The pond is a beautiful pond with a large fountain and children’s park. There are 13 homes with golf course frontage on the 10th hole and 14 homes overlooking the 18th hole.

The homes vary in size from 3,209 square feet to 5,722 square feet of living space. These are some very nice homes, and close to the club. The homes were built between 1999-2005. The most expensive home to have sold in the last 5 years was for $1,275,000. For the record it is a gorgeous home.

Valhalla Way and Dole Cir

Valhalla Way sets between holes 14 on its’ West, 15th hole on its’ North, 16th hole on its Northeast and 17thhole on its Western side. Dole Cir. Has 5 lakefront homes on either Lake Palmer or Lake Tibet.  These homes definitely meet the definition of luxury homes. The smallest home is 3,046 square feet and the largest is nearly 10,000 square feet. There are a couple of homes I do not have the records for that may be over 10,000. Most of these homes were built between 2002 and 2008. The most expensive home to have sold in the last 5 years was for $2,240,000, the lowest priced home was for $860,000 while the mean price was $1,200,000. Very nice homes with very nice views.

Keene’s Pointe Dr, Whitford Ct, Stone Mason Ct, Grosvenor Pointe Cir, Lanai View Ct andGrosvenor Shore Dr.

This portion of Keene’s Pointe Dr has only 9 homes on it. They are located between the driving range and the 8thhole. Most of the 8 homes can actually see both. On the North side of Keene’s Pointe Dr is Whitford Ct. The 6 homes on its West side overlook the driving range and the 14 homes on its Western side mostly overlook the 9thhole and a water hazard. Stone Mason Ct. is on the South side of Keene’s Pointe Dr and has 9 of 14 homes overlooking the 8th hole. The rest of its homes overlook the preserve. Grosvenor Pointe Cir is a large circular road which has 14 homes/homesites overlooking the 9th hole and its’ water hazard. There are also 8 lakefront homes on Grosvenor and a boat ramp. The boat ramp is for non-powered boats and my last experience with the canal to Lake Tibet it was very small and shallow.

Lanai View Ct and Grosvenor Shore Dr both have lakefront homes on Lake Tibet. Lanai View Ct has 4 and Grosvenor Shore Dr has 7 on Lake Tibet and 7 on a large pond. The lakefront homes are enjoying the sunrise every morning over Lake Tibet.

In total these roads have 102 homes and home sites. These homes vary from 2,535 sf. to approximately 9,000 square feet of living space. The first home built here was in 2001. There were recently still lots available here. In the last 5 years the homes have ranged in price from $474,414 to 3,750,000. All of the homes were beautiful.

Rosella Ct, Endicot Ct and Wyland Ct

These are all very similar and very nearby each other so I grouped them. Wyland Ct. has 8 homes on its Western side that overlook both the water hazard and the 18th hole. There are 3 homes on its’ Southeast side that are lakefront. They overlook what seems to be a large pond but it is connected to Lake Tibet via channel. Only small boats will make it through. Endicot Ct only has 5 homes two of which are also on the large pond/Lake Tibet. Rosella Ct has 4 homes 2 on the pond/Lake Tibet and 2 on the Western shore of Lake Tibet.

These homes start off at 4,022 square feet and go up in size to 10,485 square feet of living space. The homes as a majority were built between 2000-2008. In the last 5 years the prices have ranged from $825,000 to $3,400,000.

Greatwater Dr. and Tibet Pointe Cir.

This is a pretty good area to live. Greatwater Dr has 9 homes facing the 18th hole, 16 homes facing the 17thhole, 2 homes facing the 16th hole and 24 lakefront homes on Lake Tibet. Tibet Pointe Cir has 24 homes/home sites that are on Lake Tibet. 2 of those homes are on the large pond which is part of Lake Tibet via channel. There are 14 homes in the center court of Tibet Pointe Cir 2 of which overlook the large pond with the fountain.

The homes on Greatwater Drive deserve to be separated. Let’s first look at the homes facing the Golden Bear Club Course. There are 33 of them which are not lakefront. Those 33 homes vary in size from 4,208 to over 8,000 square feet of living area. They were built between 1999-2008. In the last 5 years they have ranged in sales price from $850,000 to $1,700,000.

Now the lakefront homes on Lake Tibet and the center court homes. There are in total 51 lakefront homes on Lake Tibet. 24 on Tibet Pointe Cir and 27 on Greatwater Dr. These homes are spectacular. I have been in several and they were as nice as anyone should ever want. Living in one of these homes puts you in more than 1 very exclusive clubs. They range in size from 4,022 square feet to 10,485 square feet. There may be some larger but they are not in my records. These homes were mostly constructed between 1999-2009. In the last 5 years the prices have ranged from $840,000 (Center Court Home) to $4,200,000. The median priced lakefront home on these 2 roads was $2,790,000.

Keene's Pointe is about more than nice homes for sale. It is about a lifestyle we have worked hard to achieve. The good news is there are many homes in the community so there are normally homes for sale. If you see a home you like contact us. A well priced home in Keene's Pointe sells fast.

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